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Fishing Video of the Day Striped Marlin in Mexico

Fishing Video of the Day Striped Marlin in Mexico fishing with Luiza
Fishing in Mexico can be the best part of your vacation well at least it will be when I vacation especially in Cabo where you can catch Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, and Tuna.  the only place better in Mexico in my opinion is Puerto Vallarta just because the Cow Tuna is consistent.  Enjoy the videos

Fishing with Luiza Luiza is from Brazil but now makes florida her fishing grounds according to her website "Luiza has made the cover of numerous fishing magazines including GAFF magazine, Onshore Offshore, Coastal Angler & Big Game Fishing Journal. She has also written & has been featured in various fishing magazine articles over the past couple years" wether she is reeling in a big game fish or posing with her fish read more

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